Sawyer James

On the night before Winters arrival at 6:22pm November 6th 2013, they placed a 5lb 15oz miracle into our arms, nineteen days early and only three hours after arriving at the hospital. He was perfection. We called him Sawyer.

I never expected him to feel so familiar to me. The way he kicked and wiggled in the days following his birth so much reminded me of the movements I felt in my belly. Holding him felt so natural, so easy, like he belonged in my arms. Feeding him felt like déjà vu, as if I'd done it before. From the very beginning, I knew him, he was mine.

It's now been a little over a month since bringing our sweet boy home and we've settled comfortably into our new normal. Already we're making hilarious memories of projectile poops on dad and baby spit up down the shirt. Since Danny went back to work a week and a half after the 6th, Sawyer and I have started to build our daily routine. Cold coffee and soggy cereal is a common occurrence in the morning, and some days the sweat pants don't come off until just after noon. Our days have been filled with snuggles, burps and bouncing, with me rushing around the house during naps to throw in a load of laundry or brush my hair and teeth.

Sawyer is easy on me at night. We wake up only twice, once around three and another around six. This is our mostly quiet "us" time. There's something incredibly peaceful about feeding and cuddling with your baby in the smallest hours of the morning. The only light in the room comes from the salt rock and I can just see well enough to make out the look of total calm and content on Sawyer's face. It makes being woken up from a deep sleep completely worth it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find how quickly each cry and fuss would become familiar to me. I can tell after just a few moments if it's a hungry cry, a burp cry, a poop cry, and so on. I was also amazed to learn I can help the little guy pass gas and poop when he needs it. With just a little patience and some baby yoga, Sawyer's tummy troubles are solved!

They always say that time speeds up once you start a family and I can already feel the days flying by. My little 5 pounder is getting chubbier everyday and growing like a weed. Before I know it my newborn will be a toddler! It's a bit of a sad thought but exciting all at once. All I can do is try my best to capture each special moment through my lens so I'll always have a picture diary to look back on... and to show to his first girlfriends!


Manly Gifts for Manly Men

Every year I tell myself I'm going to finish my Christmas Shopping early, and every year I get a little bit better but have still not succeeded in my goals.

Well this Christmas I'm determined to be different! This year I'm on mat leave and don't have any excuses not to go shopping or do some mad online ordering.

And just like every other year, the person I find most difficult to buy for is my man. He's the kind of guy that whenever he wants something, he just goes out and buys it himself. He's an impulse shopper. And every year I try to come up with unique things to get him that he wouldn't think to get for himself, so this year I'm doing my research early.

Not only have I been scouring Pinterest and Google for all the best "Top 20 Gifts for Guys" articles but I've also been quizzing my girlfriends on the things they love to buy for the men in their lives too.

So the following is my big fat list of gift inspiration for guys, anything from stocking stuffers to the big kahoona gifts. Hopefully it can lend some ideas to other wives or girlfriends feeling stumped on what to get their man friends for Christmas (or whatever holiday) just as I always am.

my #1 tip to get you started...

Photojojo Camera Lenses for the iPhone
For the guy who loves instagram, these little things are the perfect toy!

Woodsnap Prints on Wood

These canvas prints on wood are so sharp. Completely customizable, they make the perfect addition to any man room.

Lululemon Boxers and Sweatpants

I'm assuming that most men, if not all men, appreciate soft fabric on their junk and a good pair of sweat pants.

S'well Bottle or other Hot/Cold Beverage container

A good quality water/liquid bottle is a great gift for anybody. S'well bottles keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12!

Stockings are just about as much fun to fill, as they are to empty on Christmas morning! 
  • stickers
  • man magazines
  • hand warmers
  • energy bars
  • man chap {lip moisturizer}
  • gift cards
  • bathroom book
  • chocolate or treats
  • soap or body wash
  • a mickey of his favourite liquor
  • a new belt
  • bottle opener
  • air fresheners for their vehicle
  • a flask
  • leather bracelet
  • flash light

Some might say gift cards are impersonal. But I say those people should get off their high horses. There's nothing wrong with letting people pick out exactly what they want from one of their favourite stores.

  • outdoors/hunting stores
  • their favourite restaurant
  • iTunes credit
  • their favourite clothing brand
  • xbox microsoft points
  • gym, cross fit or yoga classes
  • their favourite pub

Croquet and other Summer Lawn Games

Games like lawn darts, bocce ball, croquet or horse shoes are perfect for the guy who does a lot of camping in the warmer months or owns a holiday trailer! It's never too early to get ready for next Summer.

Fancy Tequila or his favourite Quality Liquor

If your man has a favourite funky beverage, find a fancy version of it and give it a whirl.

Munitio NINES Tactical Earphones

If guns aren't really his thing, try finding him a wicked nice pair of headphones or earbuds. Beats by Dre and Skull Candy are my favourites.

MacBook Air Case
There are so many classy handmade cases and accessories for your guy's electronics on Etsy. Search that shit.

Autographed Fan Memorabilia

How much more unique can you get than an autographed photo or poster of one of your dudes favourite movies or sports team? You'll find a ton of fairly decently priced items on Amazon depending on what you're searching for. This is a man's conversation piece.

Xbox or other Gaming Console Paraphernalia
If your guy is anything like mine he'll have already had his new console on order two months prior to the release date, making it difficult to pitch in as a gift. But there are always fun little accessories like headphones, Live memberships, Microsoft points, or fancy controllers that can be bought for his favourite console. Not to mention new games, if you can get it for him before he does.

Handmade Accessories

Etsy.com is the perfect place to find unique and custom accessories to fit most guys' tastes.

Hopefully you found the inspiration you were looking for!


Bekki Hettrick | Maternity & Family Portraits

This was such a fun session! Bekki and her beautiful little family let me lead them around the forest, up and down steep and muddy paths, stumbling upon a squatters home and gigantic unpassable (inpassable?) puddles... And I'm very pleased with the end result!


As Cute as a Pumpkin! | Mommy & Me Portraits

Please notice the magic apple pumpkin pinecone stacking act that little Harlo pulled off on the sixth photo down! Caught Shannon and I a little off guard - we were pretty impressed!