My Sunday Best

I started a 30 day water drinking challenge yesterday. It doesn't seem too difficult, two of these jars a day. The trick will be just remembering to get it all down by the end of the day, so we'll see how I feel in a month!

Christmas is coming fast! Which is why I've been so busy catching up with photos, trying to get all my clients their photos in time for greeting cards. But I'm finally just about there, meaning it's time to rebrand! Very excited!

Little man is 13 months old this week and officially a walking toddler. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen his little tootsies cruising across the living room. 

In between photo editing and this and that I've been pausing to read this really great book called Why People Fail by Simon Reynolds. If you ever feel like you can't identify your life's purpose or ever feel a lack of drive and motivation within your daily life, read this book.


My Sunday Best

The best Sundays are spent eating breakfast in bed and decorating the Christmas tree.