Blacksmith Yoga | Richmond Steel Yard & Charlie Lake

So this RS shoot could have possibly ranked first in my most favourite sessions of 2013. Randelle and I got the OK from Richmond Steel to use their location as our photo playground and we namaste'd all over that junk yard. The lighting, the weather, the help, everything was amazing and I'm so pleased with not only the way the shots turned out, but how wicked they look up on the new website.

The second session was a toasty little quickie out on Randelle's dock in Charlie Lake. Some warm and beachy shots were needed for some promos so we snapped away until the sun went down over the hills.

Will & Courtney | Engagement

My very first session of two thousand and fourteen! Not only my first of the year, but my first since having my Sawyer Bean and starting my part-time mat leave. This was a very exciting session for me for these reasons, but also because of the location: a new found secret spot!

Courtney and Will were such a ball to shoot with! Seriously such an adorable couple. Check em out!


Good Morning

My favourite time of day is the early morning. The time when the sun is just starting to rise and the light peeking in the windows is slowly brightening. About this time is when I pull Sawyer into bed with me and he has his morning feed and then falls back asleep. 

I can just stare at this little bean forever, in complete awe of this life that I created - from scratch! I watch him breath and I watch him dream. It's the sweetest feeling snuggling next to him, knowing he is safe and healthy and perfect, and my heart is just full of gratitude and love.

Sawyer enjoys his morning sleeping in, and I meander out of bed and slowly start my day. I take my time knowing that he'll sleep a while and allow me to get a few things done. I turn on some soft music and make my coffee. I soak in the light of the morning and drink in the quiet.

It doesn't matter where I am, who I'm with or what what the day is bringing. I will always have this time. Morning will always come.