Megan & Braedon | Wedding | Charlie Lake, BC

It was a beautiful and quiet snowy morning February 1st 2014, when Megan and Braedon were wed at the Charlie Lake Church. The following is a sweet sneak peek into the lovely couples' special day.


Mommy Bucket List {for boys}

While my wee baby boy is still a little baby blob, I've got plenty of time to day dream about all the classic and adorable little boy activities we can share together in the near future.

So much time in fact that I feel like I need to get some of these plans down on "paper" so as to not forget about them in the coming years before my babe can really actively participate.

Most of these plans were inspired by looking back on my own childhood memories. And some of them are a product of what my imagination tells me what being a little boy must be like. I can't wait to start helping Sawyer make memories of his own.