DIY Bird Feeders

Our backyard is a jungle. It literally has it's own ecosystem.
The previous owners of the house clearly just let it go, and since we bought it last year, we've been so busy with other renovations - mainly indoor - that we haven't gotten around to sprucing it up yet.

The cool thing about having a wild backyard is that you get plenty of birds. Sometimes the not so peaceful and unwanted magpies, but lately we've seen and heard TONS of sweet little chickadees and finchy type birds.

So I had to throw together a few bird feeders. These were really cheap and super fast to put together.

- a mason jar (plus lid)
- a small plate
- 3 beads or something similar
- hot glue
- sand paper

Start by buffing the plate, beads and mason jar lid wherever you will be glueing.
Glue the 3 beads on to the plate to act as a barrier between the mason jar lid and the plate so the seeds have space to pour out.
Then glue the mason jar (with lid on, just the screw part) to the beads.
Unscrew the jar from the lid and fill er up with bird food.
Reattach and flip right side up (outside is probably best).


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  1. We actually did tons of work on the yard. I don't usually let things bug me, but this really did. We loved this house so much. The owner before us was a bachelor and he built it. He never did any yard work. 2012 summer was the first year we finished getting through all the leaves, since he had never raked the back yard, there was years of matted leaves, and no grass. So the yard you received had HOURS/SUMMERS of work done to it. We had 4 kids by the time we moved, so not tons of spare time or money to landscape it. And we appreciated the wild aspect of it, and had planned on all the garden beds that were left behind.. but a twin pregnancy put that on hold, then we moved. So i hope you can feel the amount of love we had for that place, while it's not perfect, it was our home. and we certainly did not just let it go.