Introducing: Ash Tree Photoshop Actions

For the last year I've been diligently working on a new project, plugging away at it silently and keeping it to myself for the most part. It's been my baby for over twelve months and I haven't shared anything about it, until today..!

I happily and humbly present to you ASH TREE ACTIONS

Whether you're a seasoned pro in photoshop editing or you're still learning the ins and outs, these actions were designed for you. I've created three introductory actions sets (two creative colour sets and one retouching set) that not only provide unique and professional editing possibilities, but also remain completely customizable and totally transparent when it comes to the actual adjustments being made.

These actions give you crystal clear instructions and properly labeled layers so that you always know exactly what adjustments you're making and why you're making them. My hope is to not only give you the ability to transform your photos into creative works of art, but to also give you the know how to explore photoshop on your own and ultimately put the design knowledge at your fingertips.

To dive right in and explore these three actions sets, 
check out my new ACTION SHOP located on the website.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email aaphotographyinfo@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!

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Happy Christmas | Holiday Mini Sessions 2015

Now that's it's finally a little closer to the holidays I thought it would be a perfect time to share my favourites from the second and third round of the Holiday Mini Sessions. I feel like I've had Christmas on the brain for the last two months, but now that it's actually here it feels so great. This is definitely my favourite time of year, especially when we get to visit my family like this year who mostly all live in Saskatchewan. We made it to my mom's lake house on Little Bear Lake a couple days ago and are staying until New Years Eve, when we'll drive the 14 hours to GP and attend my bestie's house warming New Years Eve party.

I'll be sharing some really scary and exciting news soon, and launching something brand new and crazy on Christmas Eve. So if you're a photographer or budding Photoshop artist, definitely keep your eyes peeled for this stuff, it's big.

Until then, take care and have an egg nog and rum for me.




baby anderson | NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY | fort saint john, bc

you are life and breath adored
you are us and so much more
little ember with growing light
feel our love as we hold you tight

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Are you a fellow photographer? Love photoshop?
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