let's just sell everything and move down south

last night will always be remembered as the night that we made the decision to move down south

we'll remember that caitlyn came over and we all ate tacos for dinner, and made delicious chai cappuccino rum drinks. we'll look back on the day and remember it was a saturday and that danny and I went grocery shopping with sawyer, only getting a couple things, but spent an hour in the store walking around at a snails pace, our faces stuck in dan's iphone looking at houses for sale in the okanagan.

i'll remember when dan said to me in the truck, "you know what I was thinking today?" he said, "why don't we just sell our house and move down south."

i don't know why we never really thought of it before, we've been all about the idea of waiting and saving a few years and maybe doing it then. but with the price of oil dropping, and the economy up north, now might be the best time to sell. sell while we can still make a hundred grand on our house and then move somewhere where our mortgage payment will be a thousand dollars less! umm yes please, seems like a wise choice.

I suppose these things always just happen when they're supposed to, there's just no rushing fate. seriously though, what better time in our lives than right now to finally follow through with what we've been talking about doing for years.. years! 
dan is finally in a place where he can choose to work two weeks on two weeks off, I can set my schedule up to do the same, the cost of living down there is so much cheaper, why wouldn't we??

we even found the most bad ass place just east of enderby. it's a 3 bed 2 bath home situated on a serene 55 acre plot of land (forest not flat), it has a wood burning stove, a beautiful covered deck, walking distance to the shushwap river and 9 km away from mabel lake. not to mention it's about 30 min away from caitlyn's big sisters home of whom I've known since I was like 9, and who has two young boys herself!

all it takes to make the unreal happen, is choosing to do it. we've made a choice, we've got a plan. now comes the tough part, turning this plan into a reality. and step one to this plan: go down south and check out the house. and if work (or lack thereof) cooperates, we will execute this step come next sunday!




why the photographer should limit their pinteresting for inspiration

one of my favourite ways to unwind after sawyer's bedtime is sitting down on the couch and pinteresting with a glass of apothic. my bestie, juice, who lives two hours away, does the same thing after her kids go to bed and we send random pins back and forth, motivating each others fitness or meal ideas.. i love getting ideas for our summer garden, for our house renos, or browsing pins on parenting and toddlers

but there are certain things that i don't pinterest (or rarely do), and that i don't have boards for. these things are the subjects that i want to keep genuine and creatively my own, from my own imagination. you won't find an array of different photography inspiration boards for family photography, engagements, weddings, newborn photography, and so on. yes i do have a photography board, but its not meant to hold photos to directly inspire my own work, but are more so photographs and artwork of which i admire, shots that uplift me and stir up emotion. and i do have boards that hold photos (of all different styles) that i find beautiful and awe inspring but none of the boards i create are specifically made to influence my own photography and editwork.

i try to keep the bulk of my pinning to subjects relating to my personal life, my style, recipes, diy projects, home, health, yoga.. things that i don't mind pulling inspiration for from other creative minds. but when it comes to my work, my photography and editing alike, sometimes i think it's better to limit how i'm browsing the work that others are creating similar styled photography as my own.

now, don't get me wrong. i'm certainly not up on a high horse here and will openly admit that i am inspired by all of pinterest and the things i see, browse and pin, it's kind of impossible not to be. but what i'm saying is that i do really strive to keep my ideas as genuine as possible. i want my style of photography to be unique and personal, so this has to come from within.

so my advice to my fellow photographer: use your pinterest sparingly when it comes to inspiring your own work. pinterest is best used as a marketing tool for your website and blog, and if you wish, to share your own work worldwide.

look elsewhere for your inspiration, find it in people watching, in observing those around you and being present in the moment. look with your eyes before looking through the lens, make visual notes to tuck away at the back of the brain. try meditation. decide on the style of work you wish to create and spend 15 minutes in quiet contemplation. remember life before pinterest, before the internet? you have a pot of gold greater than any pinterest board nestled inside your big juicy nucleus. use it!


- ash


cordelia's cat birthday party @ whole wheat 'n' honey

birthday parties and birthdays in general were so absolutely amazingly awesome when you were a kid. it was such a fun day and there was always cake and snacks and goody bags and games and it was always a riot. 

i remember back when i was turning - i believe - five or six, my mom sewed these little girly aprons and painted all the girls names on them who were at the party, and then we did this painting craft with our little personalized aprons. it was so great, the girls loved it! my long time best friend julie says she actually still has her apron. how awesome is that!

my mom has been pinteresting before pinterest was a thing. she is one crafty woman.

cordelia - or coco - the stylish and adorable birthday girl, wanted a cat birthday party. her mom jenelle delivered! i think she needs to consider children party planning as a new career, her kids birthdays (not to mention her wedding!) are all so damn cute and crafty and stylized so creatively. and marie's cafe whole wheat 'n' honey is the perfect venue.

i used one of my new actions called lumberjack on this photos session. it will be included in my new action pack coming this spring/summer! can't wait to share more of what i've been working on, follow me on instagram @ashleyalexandra to stay posted