wanderlust wednesdays 002

did you miss last week's post? maybe you'll want to read from the start of the book . . .

october 5, 2009

in the morning i enjoyed washing my hair in the public washroom's sink (same place i did the dishes). we then went for a coffee and did some shopping. i acquired a gold fish trucker hat, a hunter ear flap torque + some running shoes. after returning to the van we came upon what we initially thought was a parking ticket, but came to see it was a warning and a free postcard! devonport is the nicest city. ever. we then drove to launceston + checked out the cataracts gorge and some peacocks. ate some pear + cadbury chocolate (mmmm) and drove to scottsdale. we fed and chased around some ducks and ate a rice, broccoli and fish concoction. i did some hula hooping and we drank tall boys. upon introducing ourselves to these bicyclers, we sat around the fire with them + showed them what s'mores were! ry passed out in his chair, hah hah. then it started raining and we hit the hay.

october 6, 2009

that morning ryan was feeling a little red wine ill and spewed for sure! we all took cold showers and then got back on the road. we hiked to ralphs falls (seen snow!) and cashs gorge and then drove to st. helens beach for lunch. i walked down to the water and wrote in the sand, had a cigar with proost. after we chilled a little longer by the beach, we went and picked up take away fish + chips, (which were &%$@ing sick by the way) and some good ol' budweiser! (didn't taste the same) It was pretty cold and windy so we just went to bed early.

october 7, 2009

waking up in the river n' rock campgrounds at coles bay it was a lot warmer. we went for coffee and croissants and found out when the "big day out" tickets were on sale. then we hiked to wine glass bay look out and then checked out honeymoon bay. i collected some perfect bead like shells to make into necklaces. in richmond we stopped to look at australia's oldest bridge (1823) and feed some ducks. i was regurgitating my pear for them and they were loving it! .... soooo.. then we drove to eaglehawk neck and checked out the sea, the blowhole, and the arch. arriving at our campspot for the night on a backroad by the highway and ate a delicious slop concoction before hitting' the sack.

. . .

to avoid confusion, i thought i'd add in a little back story.. the day after i arrived in australia, which was just several weeks prior to starting this journal, one of my best friends presley (proost), died in a car crash back home. it was a really tough situation and a rough start to the journey. her name comes up throughout the book as i work through waves of grief along the way, some days much harder than others.


the conscious cleanse catchup day


i drove to GP monday morning to see my bestie: juice, and the family. she recently lost her gram - an amazingly beautiful person, and so i was looking forward to our visit even more, to have a couple girly mom days together to get her mind off things and just relax for a couple days.

i knew i wasn't going to be able to stick to my cleanse, but i wanted to do the best i could - and i use that term very loosely. i kept up with my water, we went on a walk everyday, we had healthy lunches and dinners, i stuck to the plan fairly well... if you don't count the monsoon coolers and pink rum lemonades.

not only is juice my lovely best friend, but she is also my hair stylist. we have this great deal where we trade hair for photos, and on tuesday we were lucky enough to get all three kids down for a nap at the same time and bought us enough time to dye and tone my hair all before the first one woke up. bonus! and then on one of our walks we snapped some photos of the girls along the way, and then more in the backyard. will post those soon!

but i'm pretty much back to the cleanse today, made a raw cashew cream of broccoli soup after i got home from the city. it was delicious, but i couldn't help but be reminded of baby food while i was eating it. and then later for a quick dinner before my yoga class, i sautéed some asparagus, yellow pepper and almonds in avocado oil with himalayan salt and cracked pepper.

we'll be completely back to the normal cleanse starting tomorrow for sure, and i can get caught up in the daily reading! and be sure to check out my instagram page about 11:00am for the announcement of the loop giveaway! more info tomorrow ;)

- ash


the conscious cleanse . day six


As I continue creating new healthy dishes each night, I find that I'm getting a little more creative and possibly a little more talented in the kitchen. Dan gave tonight's dinner a five star rating! He's still raving about it even as I type this from my iPhone in bed.

We made Greek chicken and veggie kabobs and a mixed greens balsamic salad. It was so good I nearly forgot to get a picture of it before it was all ate! I marinated the chicken in this delicious Greek and basil pesto mixture for a few hours:

- 1 1/2 tbs basil pesto (I used classico)
- 3 tbs olive oil
- 2 tbs white wine vinegar
- 1 tsp dijon mustard
- sea salt and pepper
- garlic salt
- pinch of oregano
- onion salt
- squeeze of lemon

I used asparagus, tomatoes, red peppers and a couple carrots for the kabob veggies. And the greens salad had cucumber, tomato, almonds, kiwis, chickpeas and leftover quinoa/rice/lentil mixture. 

 For dessert I made this coconut flour brownie dish that was super healthy, sprinkled with hemp hearts and cashews, sweetened with honey, I'm bringing two big slices with me on my road trip tomorrow.

Could definitely get used to eating this way! Sawyer also approved. I'm going to do my best the next two days to stick to the cleanse as much as possible while I visit my bestie Juice and her little family in the city. She's going to do my hair and I'm going to do some lifestyle photos for her and the girls! Six forty-five am will come early when it's 2:26 am... I think I'll have to cheat a bit once I get on the road, there's no way I can make that 2 hour drive without my coffee.

 - ash


the conscious cleanse . day five


i had an incredibly productive morning today, i was able to knockoff my warm water and lemon elixir, my yoga practice, my green smoothie, i got organized on my reminders app, AND i even had time to clean the house, all before a hungover dan was even outta bed. hah. while some of us were coming home at 11 last night, others were out attending secret fighter after parties! too funny! 

so sawyer and i shared our green smoothie this morning. it had kiwi, a bunch of fresh pineapple, a bunch of spinach, and a sprinkle of tropical mixed frozen fruit. then threw in some hemp hearts, chia seeds, a handful of ice, and a small glass of purified water.

even though i wasn't feeling a hangover like dan, i WAS starting to feel my headache come back by the early afternoon. we were heading to montanas for lunch and mandy was meeting us there to sign some house selling papers - because, surprise! we sold the house! tentatively, i should say, as they might not have signed their papers yet. but we will know soon! got our asking price too, pretty happy about that!

i was able to stick to my cleanse while we were out to lunch. i had this mixed greens salad, with a balsamic dressing, some kind of fruit, like a cranberry or something, pecans, and grilled chicken. it was very good! i even resisted the temptation to eat the other half of sawyer's garlic bread. yes!

dinner was late, because the buyers wanted to come by and take another peek at the house at 5:30. so we leave by 5:20, come home at 6:10 and see no vehicles so we pull in. mandy texts us, says they're running late and are just leaving now... $%&#. so we don't end up getting back in the house till some time after 7, sawyer fell asleep in the carseat so he had a hard time falling asleep tonight. it was just annoying, you know?

so we finally get home and danny takes sawyer down for bath time, and i make us our supper. tonight was a dish inspired by "british curry" from the fresh restaurant cookbook! it was a mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, diced apple, craisins (no raisins), a few beans, organic curry powder, a sprinkle of garam masala, paprika and cracked pepper, a generous dash of sea salt, and a quick drizzle of braggs (no soy) soy sauce.

and then of course there's this yummy salmon fillet with a few sliced lemons to top it all off. truth be told, i actually barely ate even half of my salmon. i don't know if it was just because my stomach has shrunk, or maybe my appetite is off because of this sinus issue that has come back with full throttle. i actually ended up taking dayquil last night before the fights, i knew i wouldn't be able to do my best at yoga with dillon if i was all congested. but the "cold" has certainly remerged. i may look happy here, but that is one congested head.

so the detox symptoms certainly suck. i had a salt bath tonight and i can't tell if it's made me feel worse, or what... but i'm just trusting this is all part of the process.. i've got tons of pressure behind my eyes and in my head. pressure in my ears, in my nasal cavity, one might say i'm under pressure! but the bath definitely made me feel kinda funny, really weak, really sleepy, haha. here's the recipe i used:
- 1/4 cup epsom salt (mine was eucalyptus)
- 1/4 cup baking soda
- 1/4 cup sea salt
- 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
- 5 drops of tea tree oil
- 5 drops of eucalyptus oil

but anyways, typing on the ol' big screen is not helping the pressure behind my eyes haha. so i think i'll tie this one up here. i'll see you back here for more tomorrow!

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- ash

the conscious cleanse . day four


despite the rough start, i know the cleanse is working because i feel like a bag of poo today. the headache that showed up wednesday night is STILL with me and the cold that i was almost through with has seemed to have come back again. and as annoying as this all is, i guess it goes to show how badly my body needed a break from all the junk i've apparently been feeding it.

i'm actually finding it way easier to stick to my clean food now though, cravings are down, could be due to not feeling great as well, but i'd say it's got a lot to do with me preeeeetty much cutting everything out. i haven't been an angel here, but i'd say i'm doing pretty well, haha

but the day was good, it of course began with a green smoothie. I added a whole avocado today, made things extra creamy, not sure how I felt about it. also added a bunch of kiwi, and a banana, some spinach, almond milk and ice. then of course there's a sprinkle of hemp hearts, chia seeds, ground flax and some powdered sea greens!

then jen came by again today and danny and her tackled the bathroom most of the afternoon. i made us all a big ass pot of chilli. it was loaded with veggies, kale and a mixture of beans. I actually don't think beef was on the list of things appropriate for the cleanse, but it was extra lean, and it was local, so I'm justifying it.

supper consisted of leftover kichari ate on the floor in the living room. sawyer and i shared a bowl. it amazes me that that kid will eat all the things we eat, crazy spices and all. he loooves beans!

i had mentioned in yesterday's post that tonight was the fivestar MMA fights and that i was doing yoga with our good friend dillon before his co-main event title fight! i'm super pleased to say that he won! by ground and pound TKO, woot woot! 

- ash


the conscious cleanse . day three


so, there's falling off the band wagon... and then there's this.

i was so wrong in thinking that dan would be a good supporter. he is actually quite the opposite as he can be very persuasive. he KNOWS i have no willpower when it comes to my delicious butter scones. they're so ridiculously delicious, smothered in raspberry or maple syrup! i couldn't resist! so the end of day two was a little less than cleansing.

let's just move on, I don't want to talk about it, haha. i hit the restart button this morning and enjoyed a big mug of warm lemon water and then a tasty green smoothie. it was another snowy and wet day. danny went to town on the bathroom renos while i tackled the pineapple chopping. got six medium sized freezer bags full of chopped pineapple, boo ya.

lunch consisted of a burrito bowl salad, very tasty. and supper was stuffed chicken breasts (spinach and pesto) and kichari. if you've never had kichari and you want a yummy detox meal (good cold or hot) try kichari.

at least i can say today was better than yesterday. especially because tomorrow will likely be a write off. the fivestar fights are happening and we've got a babysitter! i'm running dillon through a yoga practice before his fight, and then sticking around to watch the rest of the fights and eat dinner. should be fun! not so much so for my cleanse...


- ash

wanderlust wednesdays 001

last week when i was planning my new series, wanderlust wednesdays, i was flipping through my yandara yoga retreat journal, and found this really unusual memory. i thought it was perfect for the first post.

and then this week i was planning on doing the same with my australian travel journal. but when i started flipping through the pages, i just couldn't choose which memory, or what part of the journey, and i just didn't think you'd really get the essence of the trip unless you heard the story from the beginning . . .

october 2, 2009

this story begins on a brisk friday morning in malmsbury, vic. myself, caitlyn + ryan landed in hobart, tasmania after a quick flight from melbourne. i suppose that means the story begins in hobart.. anyway, we got to hobart and jumped on a shuttle bus to the city. on the bus, accompanying us was a drunk obnoxious footy team. an ugly young man we later named "pink butt", was doing cartwheels down the aisle. not as impressive as it sounds. upon reaching the city, cait and ryan went to pick up the wicked camper van. i waited up the street so the company wouldn't know there was a third person in the two seater van. the van was awesomely spray painted in a pirate "captain jack sparrow" design. we then went for a quick grocery shop, stole some salt + pepper and got on the road! we drove to lake saint claire and acquired a national parks pass. it was raining. we then drove to lake burnaby, cooked some supper + called it a night. our neighbours had awful taste in music.

october 3, 2009

that morning we hiked to some waterfalls and then got back on the road. we arrived in strahan for coffee and some wood shop browsing. later in a small town called rosebury, we picked up a slab of carlton and made our way to the dam. we parked by the lake, lit a fire, and i created a classic northern bc cooler (rocks piled up in the cold water) it began to sprinkle and we seen the most beautiful rainbow i've ever witnessed. a truck of old fishermen drove by + gave us a wave and an invite to drink with them later on. we then ate supper and finished off the slab almost entirely, when the fishermen came back! we then met ruck (richard) a nice bearded dude of whom i ate a live grub with. went down pretty easy. went for a polar bear swim, lit off a flare, finished the beers, and called it a night!

october 4, 2009

in the morning, to our pleasant surprise, the fishermen had come back to drop off a 6lb trout they had told us about! so nice of them. cait and i washed our hair in the freezing water, + ry went for a dip! we then made our way to cradle mountain, went for a coffee and a quick hike. afterwards we drove to devil's gullet, where there was not much to see, followed by driving in the wrong direction for an hour. back on track, we stopped in at a town called "nowhere else" before arriving in devonport. there we cooked up our huge fish with garlic, spices and lemon on a free bbq. it was oh so good! slept by the sea and listened to the waves crash.

- ash


the conscious cleanse . day two


day two started with being violently ripped away from dreamland by the sound of the air compressor turning itself on in our bedroom. i've never woken up so aggressively before, heart beating a mile a minute, so confused. and then finally dan gets the thing turned off, and we laughed for so long. but still not a great way to start the day, especially because it was raining outside. nothing is more relaxing than sawyer letting us sleep in till 8 and listening to the rain outside the window.

so we get up and i enjoy my fresh kiwi, cucumber, spinach and banana smoothie. so good. and then i get to cooking for the day while dan and our friend jen get going on the bathroom renos.

i'm gonna be honest here, cause we're friends and i wouldn't lie to you. i had a coffee this morning. i know, i know what i said yesterday, but i guess i'm more vincent than i thought.

it was an absolutely miserable day weather wise, so i thought a nice warm soup would be just what the doctor ordered. i looked at a few that my yoga online recommended, and then browsed through pinterest, and then even got dan to look through a giant soup cook book. and then ended up creating my own.

this certainly isn't a recipe blog, because i'm only a half ass good cook, but this soup turned out especially tasty, so i'm writing it down so i can make it again...

green detox soup

1/2 a yellow onion {chopped}
3 big garlic cloves
some grated ginger
olive oil
2 cups of broccoli florets
4 cups of kale/spinach {packed}
about a cup of broth {chicken or vegetable}
about a cup of water
sea salt and cracked pepper
1/2 cup of barley
some garlic salt, paprika and cumin
2 cups of carrots and celery {chopped}
can of black beans
optional: sweet potato

- throw the onion, garlic, ginger and oil into a soup pot and sauté 
- meanwhile, boil a few cups of water with the barley
- after a few minutes, toss the broccoli, greens and broth in and then add just enough water to cover the vegetables (seriously, don't over do it, you can always thin the soup later, lesson learned)
- then after about 10 minutes or so, take it all off the oven and process it in the ol blender, the return contents back to pot on low heat (don't boil the broccoli broth!)
- add a bunch of garlic salt, a bunch of paprika and then a little bit of cumin - all to taste - mix well
- once the barley is looking fairly plump, mix in the carrots and celery (and sweet potato if you're adding it, i didn't this time, sad face), cook until soft, adding broth (or water) if necessary
- once cooked, add the barley mix to the broccoli broth
- add the black beans, drained and rinsed well
- heat through gently

this made like 5 good sized bowls, and was super delicious. and then by the time i was finished cleaning everything up and had sawyer fed and back down for a nap, it was time to make dinner. again, i ended up doing something off the top of my head, just with the inspiration of a "healthy burrito bowl" pinterest search.

it was more of a burrito salad. it basically consisted of cooked wild rice (cooled) and about a cup of homemade salsa mixed together. that was the base, then we topped it with chopped lettuce and kale, some diced tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and black beans. dan had the leftover chicken from last night on his, and i just had more beans.

after that i braved the wintery roads and headed to the studio to teach my 7:15pm power vinyasa class. as usual on shitty weather days, it was a small class of only four. wa wa waa. but oh well, i needed it too. i actually had a headache when i got home. feeling a lot of pressure in my nucleus. could just be the cold i'm fighting or could be the detox is working - despite my cheating ways!

only time will tell.

- ash


the conscious cleanse and 14 day yoga challenge w/ my yoga online

with everything that's been going on at home, between photos, renovations, house showings, sick kids and getting sick myself, nutrition and exercise have been getting pushed aside and i've been feeling really run down. so when i went onto my yoga online yesterday for a practice, i saw that they're currently offering a 14 day cleanse and yoga challenge. 

ahhh, exactly what i need.

so i get signed up and start exploring the Conscious Cleanse. They offer a little reading material and recipes each day, so i start with that. day one's personal development article is all about creating habits. gretchen rubin, new york times best selling author of "the happiness project" and "better than before" and psychologist dr. claudia luiz, explain how everyone makes and keeps habits and commitments differently, and what works for one person may not necessarily be the best course of action for another.

so they give us a quiz that gretchen has created called, the four tendencies quiz. and upon finishing, i discover that my dominant tendency is the obliger. this means that i generally meet my outer expectations (i depend on external accountability, with consequences such as deadlines, late fees, or the fear of lettingother people down) but i resist inner expectations (it can be difficult for obligers to self-motivate—to work on ameditation practice, to attend networking events, to get their car serviced etc.)

so this means that in order for me to form a new habit, i need to adopt the strategy for accountability. they recommend hiring a fitness trainer or other accountability partner, or to team up with a friend who will be disappointed if i don't follow through. so my game plan is to write a blog post each day of the cleanse/challenge and chat about the experience. coupled with danny following the diet along with me, i should be setting myself up for success.


started my morning off with a huge glass of lemon water and a full serving of air. figured i'd just fast through the morning and wait for my first green smoothie once we got home. 

then, after a trip to the grocery store, health food store and the butcher shop, we've got a fridge full of wholesome food and are ready to tackle this cleanse!
and then, after a bit of blending and scooping, we created our first kinda yummy bluey-green smoothie. too much flax? average on taste but it did the trick. about an hour later we head to the old fort hills for a hike.

so we went up, dan and the dogs ran, sawyer and i walked up at a relaxed pace, he's obviously strapped to my back.. falling asleep while i do all the work - free loader.
and then we all make our way up, and then we all come down together.

on the way down dan makes me sprint up this super steep hill - three times! he's why i would never need a personal trainer haha
then we come home, and cindy, mama-inlaw, brings us some of the menchie's fresh overstocked fruit!

two cases of pineapple, a case of kiwis, then a boxful of cut up pineapple and strawberries! ahhhh perfect timing!
so then we have a visit with mama-inlaw, wish i could have a coffee with them.. dan's cheating on that part! seriously, i can give coffee up for fourteen days. no problem. and you know why? it's cause i'm not really a vincent. they said so themselves!

anyways, then i start the supper! the sweet and spicy pull apart chicken lettuce wraps. shit yeeeea.
and it turns out so deliciously, but seriously, i actually ended up eating mine in the bathroom because sawyer was teething and in need of a relaxing bath.
and now as soon as i hit publish, i'm jumping on to my mat for the day one practice!

- ash

ev's eightieth birthday tea luncheon . sneak peeks

A P R I L   4 T H   2 0 1 5
fort saint john museum

enjoy these sneak peeks of this wonderful tea luncheon birthday celebration