wanderlust wednesday 005

did you miss last week's post? or maybe you want to read from the start of the book . . .

october 15, 2009

i awoke to the smell of the sea and wind. as i layed in my bed contemplating getting up, cait + ryan began making out, making my decision very quickly. i grabbed my shoes and ipod + went for a run. afterwards we packed up camp + went into dublin to cook breaky by the park. after grabbing coffee + cake for later each, we got back to travelling' making our way to port augusta. after driving a while it seemed to get hotter + hotter! in port a. we did a grocery shop, fuel, beer stop, and stopped in at the post office so i could send danny his package. i sent him a mixed cd, couple letters and a necklace + bracelet similar to ones i made for me too. we then drove straight into nothing (the outback). stopping once at a pub in the middle of nowhere for a game of pool and a brew. stopped at a rest stop + made stir fry + went to bed.

october 16, 2009

woke up early and went for a run into the outback bushy area, did some more exercising + ran back. back on the road we drove until we hit coober pedy. once there we got out stretched our legs and went in search for coffee. we came across a didgeridoo shop/cafe that we went in. there was an extravagant russian man working there who wasted no time in showing us + teaching all about the ridge's and aboriginal art. he had the biggest didgeridoo in the world there. we got a coffee, that we paid for in change and left for more shop browsing. lots of opals, being as that's what coober pedy is famous for. later we went though marla + kept going till we found a back road to set up camp on + chill for the rest of the day. cait + i enjoyed some tanning, and then later some stargazing!

october 17, 2009

after a run + a hoop in the morning we took off in the direction of ayers rock (uluru). we got to the resort + set up camp, i had to hide in the back seat so we only had to pay for two people. the weather was b-e-a-utiful! we showered up, sat by the pool and then headed to ayres rock to watch the sunset. i had a long chit chatty with a drunk danny that went pretty okay. no, it was good. i basically spilled my heart but he was grumpy. anyways, i sketched the rock at sunset and then we headed back to camp. i sent danny some good night texts and fell asleep.

. . .

so if you've been following since the start of the trip, you'll know that we've been hauling a tent trailer for our camp and paying for accommodation as little as possible. meaning showers are a bit of a commodity. so every time we did end up staying in a rv park or resort it was such a treat and seriously felt like VIP living.

and as for the danny talk, if you know me or have been following my blog for some time, you'll know that danny is my husband. at this point in time we'd been broken up for about 10 months, and prior to that we'd been dating for about a year. the night caitlyn and i stargazed was the night i realized that i wanted to get back together with dan, and it really holds some sentimental value for me. there's a long love story that this adventure eventually evolves into, ending in thailand, so stay tuned for the rest of the story . . .


wanderlust wednesdays 004

did you miss last week's post? or maybe you want to read from the start of the book . . .

last day in tassy
october 11, 2009

after packing up our bags, stowing them away and checking out of the hostel, we embarked on a mad hunt for breakfast which ended bitterly in gloria jeans with toasted bagels and cream cheese (no jam). after we checked out the kathmandu and headed back to the hostel to kill some time before catching the shuttle bus to the airport. our flight was fairly delayed so we chilled out and waited a while, then finally boarded the quick flight back to melbourne where grant + deb greeted us (ryan's parents). that night i stayed up late and uploaded my photos and skyped with some friends and my dad. he had some awful news for me. willow bear had been killed by a wild animal. the second best friend of mine to die since i've been gone.

day one
october 13, 2009

after completely packing up the camper trailer, grocery shopping + getting all our things together we left malmsbury around 3:00pm beginning day one of our giant road trip around oz. twenty minutes in we realized we forgot our sausages.. so we went back and got them and started the trip again! that evening we made it to the arapiles and had some supper + crashed for the night. it was pretty cold and rainy.

day two
october 14, 2009

went for my run after waking up, then had some break and got back on the road. it was pretty rainy + windy for a while. after a bunch of driving we stopped at a rest stop + ate lunch, then continued on our way to adelaide. once we got there we didn't feel like sticking around so we went for a quick rip around, bought myself a headlamp + got a 50 cent ice cream cone. then we continued on to a free campsite by a small town called dublin.

. . .

oh willow... this was a really tough time in my life. i'd just lost one of my best friends just a few weeks prior to a car crash back in canada, and now my dog had died. you might not be able to tell always through my writing, but i was dealing with a lot of internal struggle throughout this trip. if my memory serves me, i do write about these feelings here and there, but the majority of the time i saved face, held my head up and just kept moving.


wanderlust wednesdays 003

did you miss last week's post? or maybe you want to read from the start of the book . . .

as i was typing out the journal entries for this week and reliving the embarrassing night at port arthur, i realized that what these wanderlust wednesdays (or sometimes thursdays) need, is more photos. and it just so happens that i have a few million of them tucked away on my hard drive documenting most every ridiculous story that i'm sure to share with you.

october 8, 2009

awaking first, and excited for the day, ryan got up and starting driving to our next destination while cait and i were still sleeping. after getting up + getting ready we did the 4 hour "cape huay" hike to the "totem poll" + the "candlestick" rock structures. it was windy + rainy, but offing epic. there was a moment while climbing the cape hay "mountain" where it started raining quite hard, and the wind picked up + cait and I were climbing a very steep part and i passionately yelled out "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" like in the lord of the rings. it was a hollywood moment. after we drove to port arthur and did a quick tour of the historic site after enjoying some overpriced coffee and scones. that night was the first night we paid for accommodation at a nice campground. we cooked a tasty meal accompanied by some goon, and thoroughly enjoyed a hot shower. after polishing off slightly too much wine, we headed back to port arthur for the ghost story/tour. sad to say, i may have been too drunk to be scared and may have lost balance attempting to take a photo, and bailed... back at camp cait and enjoyed some more delicious and cheap wine . . . . . .

october 9, 2009

upon awakening, i was greeted by the foul stench of throw-up... ran began reminding caitlyn + I the events of the nights pass... after passing out, cait apparently woke up and threw up right on top of my head. ryan woke up and realized what was happening and threw her outside and started cleaning up the bed, and an assumably conscious me (i don't recall this) as i chirped and laughed. he helped poor the poor girl to the bathroom and she got sick some more before returning to bed.. so that morning while washing our hair, cait and i both smelled of vomit. we then went back to port arthur to browse the old buildings. after that we headed back to hobart excited for the cadbury factory tour. upon arriving, and paying $7.50, we discovered there were no longer factory tours, simply two outdated short films and a gift shop. pissed off, we left, with our chocolate, and checked into a transit backpackers hotel, enjoying an early night, pizza and our own beds!

october 10, 2009

the hobart market was on that saturday morning and we cruised around there for a few hours. i bought some delightful knee high socks. later we did some underwear shopping and went to the music store. cait + ryan bought a bongo drum and i bought a bright purple sparkly ukulele. later we chilled out at the hostel and then went for a beet at the long bar. then made our way over to this seafood place. cait got the table, ry ordered the food, and i got us some beers and tequila shots! the food came and turns out we ordered one basket too many, but we ate it anyway. that night we walked around till we found a battleship and surprisingly, we bought goon. then after having a few glasses, hula hooping with some spanish dudes who swung poi, cait + i went out dancing at a club called "candies"... or no, "curlys". after we grabbed some pizza on the way back to the hostel, got into an argument with some kid about hockey, and called it a night.

. . .

i find it so funny going back and remembering the silly situations we got our nineteen year old selves into. funny to read about, no interest in repeating them haha, too wild for me these days.

- ash


the conscious cleanse . day twelve / thirteen


i'm so pleased to report that things are back on track cleanse speaking. i could actually see adopting a slightly more relaxed version of this diet after the fourteen days are up. i just don't think i could live without cheese...

i've never put much for fruit in my salads other than the occasional mandarin orange or a few grapes, but i seriously went all out on this one. not only was there raspberries, mangos and kiwis, but there was even mashed raspberries in the vinaigrette. on top of all this, i added avocado, wild rice, and a plethora of kale and spinach. the dressing was an avocado and walnut oil mixture, with apple cider vinegar. i also sprinkled in some sea salt, cracked black pepper, and a dash of coconut palm sugar.

i find making salads take feeerrever, so when i throw them together i always toss a few more into some glass jars to eat later on. they stay super fresh if you stack the layers properly, and they're the perfect grab and go cleanse snack throughout the day.

normally we would have ate last nights supper inside of a wrap, but instead we ate it straight from the pot and called it a taco bowl, or burrito bowl, basically a bowl full of rice, beans, tomatoes, extra lean ground beef, onions, avocado and some mexican style spices.

i'll tell ya another thing, i'm truly starting to prefer warm lemon water over cold, something i never thought possible. apparently it's way better for your digestive system too, so that's neat. my mornings feel so detoxifying and healthy when i'm starting with a glass of my warm water and then finishing with a green smoothie a little later on. it's an awesome way to wake up.

i've never been much of a food blogger, at least not this daily stuff. i'm more of a once in a while recipe type person when it comes to ol' blog, and only if it's a reeeeally good dish. but i do think that this cleanse, and the actual documentation of this cleanse, has improved my cooking. dan will vouch for me. i swear i've improved in the kitchen in just these last couple weeks, so i'm pretty pumped to continue on with this style of eating. dan and i both feel leaner and healthier. we've been staying really active even throughout the shitty weather we've been having. we took sawyer on this majorly muddy hike through the community forest today, took the stroller four by fouring, not sure it's actually meant for that, but it held up pretty good!

only a couple more days left on the cleanse! looking forward to a strong finish... and some cheese.

- ash


the conscious cleanse . day ten & eleven


aaalright, confession time. i've had a rough couple days trying to get back on track here, but then it occured to me last night: hey, i'm seeing result, why give up now? so i've determined to get back on track, starting of course with a slightly over almond milked green smoothie.

i won't go into the gory details of the my failings, but i will tell you there might have been a hot dog involved at my mother in laws... i just kinda forgot i was on a cleanse. and it wasn't all bad, we did have a healthy green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and a home made dressing, so that's gotta count for something. but i really don't have any excuse for gorging myself on cupcakes last night. ahhhh i confess... 

last night my amazing friend miranda, her sister, her mother and i all got together at the lone wolf golf course for a mother/daughter tea party session!  we borrowed a cart and drove down to this little coolie off the 9th hole, where there's this great old wooden staircase and an old aged wooden bridge crossing a little stream. well anyways, we had a 2 tier cupcake stand set up on the table, littered with these adorable little red velvet and s'more mini cupcakes... how could i resist?? i bought them myself i might as well get the pleasure of eating a few right!

but no sense in crying over spilt milk, what's done is done and today is a new day. i've actually been keeping it together when it comes to dinner. on day ten i made vegetable and chickpea stirfry with a stuffed yellow pepper (dan had perogies, what a guy.) the pepper was stuffed with a mixture of sockeye salmon, kale, avocado, quinoa and rice, with a balsamic sauce. and then dinner last night was amazingly healthy and tasty as well.

we made a chicken and vegetable stir fry with black beans and basil pesto, paired with a lovely jar of lemon water of course. so you see, things aren't all bad. and i've even been avoiding coffee fairly well. dan keeps giving me shit for not drinking coffee with him because we end up wasting half a pot of perculated coffee, which really is a shame, but i just keep telling him to make less: problem solved. hah

- ash