goddess boudoir // my favourite images from last year

just a small collection of some of my favourite shots from 2014's goddess boudoir sessions.
seriously can't wait for this summer's projects!

did you know one of last year's sets was featured on the boudoir collective?

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GODDESS BOUDOIR marathons // august 21 & 28 september 11 & 18

if you've been following my work for some time you might remember a few stylized photo projects i held last summer with angela moody makeup artistry. we called them FLOWER GODDESS BOUDOIR and they were a beautiful mess of flower crowns, makeup, amazing ladies, unique fashion and style, and seriously so. much. fun.

i'm so pleased to extend another invitation to you for another round of goddess boudoir . . .

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life at the lakehouse // SUMMER HOLIDAYS

if you were to ask me where one of my favourite places on earth was, you might not expect me to say saskatchewan (earth is pretty big!) but the fact is, i would say saskatchewan. an hour from the closest tiny little town, there is a hunting and fishing lodge way up north that my great grandparents founded in 1962. it's tucked away in the woods amongst a plethora of lakes and a labyrinth of dirt roads and quad trails. and while our family doesn't own the lodge anymore, my grandparents still live there and both my parents have homes there too.
it's about a sixteen hour drive from our house, so we usually only get there a couple times a year, which makes it even more meaningful. it's so beautiful and hot in the summer, there's no cell service, we're right on the lake, with so many things to do (hiking, swimming, fishing, quading, kayaking) and the best part, all my family's there.

two days prior to us leaving for the lake, a plough wind came through the area. it was so strong that it literally ripped my dad's veranda roof and railing off and peeled it back over and behind the cabin! my grandpa said he'd never seen waves so tall on the lake and the whole thing was over in a matter of 15 minutes or so. we kinda wish we'd been there for the excitement, they always get the best storms in sask.

watching sawyer run around the same beach that i have so many childhood memories playing on was a very surreal feeling. since we moved around a lot as kids, i never really had a place to call my "home town," but the lake has always felt like home to me. i'm so excited that i can now come back and bring my own little guy, and watch him make his own memories at the lake, doing the same things we did as kids, and my mom and uncles did!.. it's a pretty cool feeling.

the drive home is always the hardest part about vacationing at the lake. if we thought the drive felt long the first time, the second time around always feels worse. we generally just drive straight through, leaving extra early in the morning (like 4:00am) and then just drive all day, make it home around supper time. this past trip home we left around 1:00am. i took over for danny around 3:00am, ended up hitting a duck like ten minutes in, popped my passenger side mirror off, poor quacker, there was nothing i could do i swear! but other than that it was a pretty smooth trip home.

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