Fridge Salad | EASY HEALTHY MEALS | Advice from a nutrition school drop out.

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto this recipe over at Eat Yourself Skinny. It's a detox salad that's super delicious and easy to throw together because you basically just toss everything into the food processor and it's done. Since then this salad has started a chain reaction of food processor salads in our house.

Food processor fridge salad. It's brilliant! Each time we run out of a salad - they last us about 3 days - I just process up another one. I've been using a lot of varied combinations (purple cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peppers, black beans, chickpeas) but mostly all with dry-er ingredients.

Then when I'm ready to have a salad, I slice up half an avocado, maybe some cucumber, cut up some cilantro, and mix it into a bowl of my dry salad mix. Top with feta or goat cheese and drizzle on my favourite dressing of the week. It's seriously efficient.. and you can jazz the salads up so easily and tailor it to suit your tastes. Add some sliced chicken breast and you've got yourself an entree. I also love cranberries and fruit in my salads... and cheese.

Bonus use for the salad: Mix it into a smoothie and you have a serious health booster. Try adding some frozen berries, a banana, a scoop of protein powder, some water and/or almond/soy milk and about a cup of salad into a blender. My salad had chickpeas - added protein boost - very filling.

What's your favourite salad fixin's? How often do you squeeze a salad into your diet?...




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The Monday Reflective | life lately

It seems we're once again being blessed with a warm and sunny Spring. We've spent the whole last week in the backyard doing and around the house, doing some cleaning and yard work, prepping the vegetable beds and potting my seedlings.

Dan was able to whip up a seedling shelf window hanger for me over the Easter long weekend. So far it's been filled with tiny pots containing the seeds of cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, corn, scallions, onions, squash, tomatoes, lavender, chamomile and sunflowers.

Sawyer's been showing a special interest gardening lately too.. If gardening means he gets to pour water with the watering jug. He's a helpful little guy though, he always wipes up his messes... Almost always.

Meanwhile outside in the yard, we've added a few new decorative additions, extra thrifty like. We bought some red bricks from a guy who'd gotten them from the Fire Hall, they'd been leftover from when the new building went up last year. And then we slapped together a cement slab X river rock step surrounding the composts... I think I'll plant some sedum between crevices.

We got our fire pit emptied, cleaned, and reset in the centre of our circular stacked log wall. We had a smokie roast and enjoyed the sunshine and hotness. I'm pretty amped up on this new lettuce wrap craze my gf Cait's got me on. And the goodness of wieners and burgers, with so much less guilt and bloated-ness. And I gotta tell ya... I've been feeling bloated and mushy lately. Which is why we've been on a mega health kick since Easter long weekend.

It's been detox salads and clean eating for this gal. Cait, Devrey, Juice and I have been leaning on each other for support using our group text messages.. being accountabilibudies.. chatting first thing in the mornings when we wake up for our miracle mornings, checking in, sending motivational pics and what not. It's actually quite amazing how much being accountable to others can help kick your butt into action.

Another reason to be active, we recently bought a toddler carrier for hiking and Sawyer loves it! We've taken him out to the Community Forest for several long walks now and each time he happily jibber jabbers away in his half english half baby talk.

Throwing out the intention... this is going to be a fit Summer!... Who's with me?

And what's a fit Summer without plenty of red wine? Antioxidants. It's justified.


- A