365 Instagram Posts in 2017 Challenge

Here's my biggest problems when it comes to marketing, building an online presence and creating social media relationships with my readers and clients: lack of consistency and an anxiety towards "putting myself out there."

Subsequently, my photos and posts often go unpublished, and I believe that I'm losing out on plenty of great opportunities and connections. But I want to change!

There's this fear of being judged, whether it's good or bad, that holds me back from posting on my various social media outlets. I worry that people will find me vain or selfish. Or I worry someone will get the wrong impression of me. It's this silly constant struggle that I am determined to overcome.

So in an effort to create some good social media habits, I'm going to commit to a year long challenge in which I'll post an Instagram photo once per day minimum, and in the process, build a healthy online presence and hopefully make some meaningful connections with people along the way.

Two thousand seventeen is almost here, and I've got big aspirations for this year. What do you think, could you commit to 365 Instagram posts in a year? I think you should join me. Comment below if you're up for the challenge!


Merry Merry Christmas!

Finally Christmas has come! Or at least it has for you! Technically I'm sitting down with my first cup of coffee on the morning of December 20th. So really, I'm still five days away, giddy and waiting, whereas the fun has already begun for you, dear reader.

Mmmm coffee...

I can't even describe to you how much I love having a Christmas tree up. The ambiance can't be compared. Christmas 2013, we left out tree up until February. No lie. Partly because I had a 3 month old and couldn't be bothered, but also because I spent many a quiet mornings out here in the living space, cozied up with a sweet little baby enjoying the holiday glow. Almost until Valentines day!

There are so many nostalgic memories that resurface around this time of the year. Hauling out all the stockings and Christmas decor. Hanging up the Santa Clause countdown and buying chocolate advent calendars. Especially now that I have a child, Christmas has taken on a totally new meaning. This is the first year since Sawyer was born that we are staying home for Christmas and not traveling up North to visit my family, and I'm so looking forward to starting some new traditions.

Who doesn't look forward to Christmas baking? Sawyer and I went to town on some sugar cookies the other night, decorating to our hearts content. I also made a double batch of black bean dark chocolate and sea salt brownies to stash away in the deep freeze until company comes. Not to mention the unfortunately addictive Nuts & Bolts that we've already made and consumed. To be fair, a large portion of it was given away as gifts, but that's not to say Dan and I didn't get into those freezer sized bags of pretzels and cheezie gold goodness late a night.

As mentioned, with company coming this year, and Caitlyn moving into our basement, we are likely to have a full house! So long as the weather stays decent and the roads are good. Mom, Perry and quite possible, my brother Brandon, his wife Megan and their sweet little munchkin of a daughter Isla, are coming up North to spend post Christmas day with us, arriving sometime between the 25th and New Years for a short and sweet visit.

I sincerely wish you the most magical of holidays, hoping that you're showered with love and laughter, and always surrounded by the people you cherish the most. Keep keepin' those wolves at bay. Cheers to you!

Love Ashley, Dan and Sawyer

Merry Christmas!